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Fic Title: Things I'll Never Say
Chapter Title: Trouble is a Friend
Rating: T
Fandom: Degrassi
Summary: "I guess I'm wishing my life away. With these things I'll never say" AlliXJohnny Post - Heart of Glass
Disclaimer: I do not own Degrassi, the name of this chappie is named after a song by Lenka, and this fic is named after a song by Avril Lavigne.
A/N: Damn, I was hoping this chapter would suck less.

The end of the school day was getting closer and closer and Alli was a little nervous. Strike that, extremely nervous. She had already chewed off the nails on all of her fingers and had resorted to tapping her pencil on her desk. Clare leaned over to her and whispered, “Will you stop that?” Alli looked over at her friend, “Sorry.” Alli put down her pencil and Clare went back to focusing on the teacher.

Alli anxiously chewed on her bottom lip, before tapping her, nail-less, fingers on the side of her binder. Clare sat there, looking only mildly agitated, for about a minute or so, then she turned around and asked, “Is something wrong, Alli?” Alli looked up at Clare, “It’s nothing.” She told her. Clare was going to say something else, but was interrupted by the sound of the bell.

Alli gathered her books and walked out of the classroom. She walked down the hallway to her locker, slipped on her ankle length skirt and long sleeved blouse, and put her books away, before making her way to Johnny’s locker. On the way over, she spotted Anya.

“So, you’ll be there, right?” Alli asked her. “Don’t worry about it,” Anya assured her, “After much persuasion, Sav agreed to convince your dad to let me come over to study, everything will be fine.” Alli smiled at the older girl, “Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to actually tell Johnny about this.” Anya rolled her eyes, “So, he doesn’t know what your doing?” “He has no idea.” Alli told her.

Anya put a hand on her shoulder, said “Good luck.”, and walked away. Alli took a deep breath and strode towards her boyfriend. “Hey.” She greeted him, leaning against the locker beside him. He turned to face her, putting the last of his belongings into his locker and closing it. “Hi, what’s up?” Alli bit down on her lower lip, something that she only did when she was feeling anxious. “So, I told Anya about…us. And what happened. At the ravine.” She told him, watching his expression as what she was saying seemed to click in his mind.

“Alright. Why?” Johnny asked. “Because I need her there when I tell Sav.” That certainly got his attention. “You want to tell your brother what we did? Why the hell would you-” “I feel kind of guilty about keeping it from him. He is my brother, after all.” Alli said. They were speaking quietly, now. Trying to make sure their conversation didn’t end up on the Anti – Grapevine.

“Exactly. The same older brother that started freaking out when we were just in the same tent together on a school trip.” He reminded her. ‘He has a point. Sav will probably get really pissed at the pair of you.’ A voice that sounded suspiciously like Holly J chimed in her head. Alli knew better than to listen to that voice. She found it was a much better idea to listen to the advice of a Clare like voice, which was now saying, ‘Sav has a right to know, at least, what’s going on in your life, some of the time.’

Hearing voices is a sign of insanity, Alli thought. “Well, I plan on telling him anyways.” She stated firmly, crossing her arms over her chest. He sighed in defeat, knowing that, no matter what he said, Alli would do what she wanted to. “Fine. It’s been nice knowing you.” He told her, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly. Alli laughed and playfully smacked his arm. “It won’t be that bad.”

At least, Alli hoped it wouldn’t.

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