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Title: Rain
Fandom: Original (Seasonal Universe)
Pairing: Summer/Autumn
Prompt: 60. Spring
Rating: T
Warnings: Femslash

    Summer and Autumn both agreed that their favorite season was spring. When the flowers bloom, the animals come out of their hiding places, and its not too hot, not too cold. Summer loved the spring because it rained so much. The blond loved the rain more than anything else in the world.

    As a child, she would often run out into the rain and let the water droplets soak through her clothes, causing them to stick to her skin. Everytime she did it, her mother would drag her back into the house and scold her. She worried that the little girl's clothing was going to be destroyed.

    Summer also loved the bright cheery colored plants that spring normally brought. The bright green leaves, the colorful flowers in bloom, it was all absolutely perfect to the girl.

    Autumn loved spring because Summer loved it so much. She loved seeing the blond so happy. She loved the look Summer got on her face when it began to rain. That very look that was upon her face as the first drops of rain hit the grass outside of the window.

    Summer ran out of the house, not even stopping to give the redhead and explanation. Not that she needed it. Autumn watched the petite blond from inside the building, through the window. Summer spun around in a circle, her hair fanning out around her and her sneakers getting covered in mud. She continued to dance, until she stepped on a particularly slippery patch of grass that sent her tumbling to her ground.

    Autumn was by her side in an instant. She reached out her hand, which Summer gladly accepted. As soon as Summer had a good grip on the taller girls hand, she gave it a good tug, sending the other girl falling down next to her.
    "Summer! Why did you do that? Now I've got mud in my hair!” She screamed, trying desperately to stand up, but couldn't seem to get enough leverage on the slippery grass.

    Summer giggled, before standing up and offering a hand to the girl on the ground. The redhead took it cautiously.
    After she made sure Summer wasn't going to do anything else to ruin her appearance, she let the girl help her up off of the wet ground.

    “Dance with me.” It was not a request. Autumn merely nodded her head and let Summer take her other hand and wrap both of the redhead's arms to circle her slender waist. Summer's arms, in turn, moved to wrap around her neck.

    They swayed back and forth to the music of the rain drops hitting the ground. Summer rested her head on the taller girl's shoulder, burying her face in the crook of Autumn's neck. She placed a small kiss to the skin of the other girl's throat and smirked as she felt the redhead shiver. It could have been from the cold, but she was sure that it wasn't.

    The two soon realized that the rain had lessened to a light drizzle and they were both practically soaked down to the bone. Summer let out a small giggle, taking in the appearance of her drenched counterpart. Autumn's normally curly hair had been matted down by heavy amounts of rain, leaving it with more of an inconsistently wavy look to it. Her dark eyeliner had run down her cheeks and left translucent steaks of black on her pale cheeks. In simple terms; she looked a mess. Not that Summer looked much better.

    Without warning, Summer pressed her lips softly against the redhead's, leaving them there for only a short moment before pulling back and walking towards the house, leaving Autumn standing stock still.

    “You should really come inside, you'll get wet out here.” And with that, Summer disappeared into the building.

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