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Title: Lovely
Spoilers: S01E05 (If those count as spoilers)

Cassie Ainsworth was a lovely girl.  A bit strange, but still lovely.  She had her own share of problems, just like anyone else.  She wasn't quite right in the head, but that was something you could look past.  If you spent enough time with her, you would begin to find her insanity charming.  Sure, her overuse of the word 'wow' could get irritating, but everything else about her was lovely.

Her hair was lovely, her skin was lovely, even her strange clothing could be considered lovely.  She wasn't nice to be around when she's angry, but she so rarely let anything get to her.  

Until, one day, she did.

You see, she had finally asked Sid on a date, barely a week ago.  She knew that it would be marvelous just because she would be with him.  That was enough for her.  Unfortunately, Sid had been slacking off in school, causing his parents to ground him.  He told her she could come round his, but his parents couldn't know.  So, she slipped past his parents and up the stairs into his room.  She waited there for hours until Sid finally walked through the door.  She noticed the blood on his face and the bruise forming on his cheek, but said nothing.  He looked surprised to see her.  He asked what she doing there and she said,”You invited me.”

He didn't seem to remember.  

“Where were you?” She asked him.

“I was out.” He replied.

She pressed him further, “Who with?”

He sighed, “Michelle.”


He nodded, but remained silent.


“Listen, Cass, I've had a bit of a bad night so-”

She cut him off, “Michelle's so lovely!” She chuckled bitterly.  “Michelle, my girl, I love her, I love her, I love her!” She yells in an almost sing-song voice.  “So, hey!  Wow!  Fuck you, Sid!” She cried, standing up.

“Cassie, shh, my parents...”

“Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!” She shrieked.  She pulled a green and black water pistol from her bag, pointed it at his face, and squirted him with it.  Then she began to laugh.  The kind of laugh that holds no humor, the one you laugh when you're trying to keep yourself from crying.

“I'm going home.” She said, walking towards the door.  Sid tried to stop her, he grabbed her arms and blocked her path.

“Let go of me!” She screamed, fighting to break free of his grip.  She eventually did, but instead of leaving, she leaned forward to press a kiss on his lips.

“It's your choice, Sid.” She told him, her eyes welling up with unshed tears.  “Everything is your choice.”

She moved to walk past him, but then brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Wake up, Sid.”  And with that she was gone.


The next day, at college, she found herself eavesdropping on his phone conversation.  She only caught snippets of it.

“Michelle, I'm sorry…yeah, I know and I just want to see you so I can...please, I wanna make it up to you…you know, talk to you…please, Michelle…Just meet me at Ronnie's Bar and I'll explain…”

She walked away before she could hear anymore.


That is how she ended up here, sitting on a bench over looking the city.  She takes out her trusty water pistol and fills it from the bottle of vodka sitting beside her.  She pulls out a plastic bag containing about ten pills and takes one of them out.  She places the white tablet into her mouth, picks up the plastic gun, places it in between her lips, squirts a good amount of liquid int her mouth, and swallows.

She takes the bag and pours the rest of the pills into her mouth, downing them with more vodka.  There was no turning back now.  She takes her iPod out of her bag and places the headphones in her ears.  She begins to dance, swaying her body from side to side until she no longer could.  She slumped down on the bench, closing her eyes.  She thinks of Sid and his choices, how he thought that he was making the right one.  

He thought Cassie Ainsworth was a lovely girl, but Michelle Richardson was lovelier.

A/N:  How very angsty of me.  I turned this in for one of my writing assignments, so it probably still has a few mistakes in it.

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